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SS097 YOSUKE TOKUNAGA - 12 Connectedness LP

the Distance is forcibly cut,,,,,
the Time is repeated,,,,,
the Speed is stretched,,,,,
Some material "something" uses concepts to repeatedly connect and divide.

SS098 DOUBLE GOOCHER SHOP - The Kaplan Text 1sideLP

The Kaplan Texts is based on a book Renato produced for the project Acherotipismo by AL MARE (Teatrum Botanicum 2018, PAV, Torino), inspired by the character George Kaplan from Alfred Hitchcock’s film North By Northwest.
Sections of the novel were subjected to repeated translational deformations to produce a number of scripts that Double Goocher Shop used to create this text-sound piece. The work is a cracked form of recitation, where character analysis, defamation, and fantasy blur into a ruffled realm of magnetic tape, scattered speech, phonopoetic umph, and concrète sound, coming out the other side to somehow find song.

SS101 RM - Pale Moon LP

Pale Moon is RM"s third Lp. 
Prepared, costructed and then deconstructed starting from jams recorded on multitrack using two samplers and various effects units, Pale Moon evokes an imaginary tale of havoc (side A) and desolation (side B). The end isn't written but some hope is still hidden under the ashes of a world which is, at least, finally quiet.